Russia and the Middle East
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A week after the Israeli Prime Minister signed a peace treaty with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and a declaration of peace with the Kingdom of Bahrain on the White House lawn in Washington on September 15, it became clear that not only these monarchies, but the Arab world as a whole were ripe for adoption responsible strategic decisions that will shape the New Middle East. Donald Trump also signed the fateful documents. The signing procedure has become almost a copy of the one - a truly breakthrough one that took place at the same place 41 years ago
23 september 2020
Speaking of the potential for future rapprochement between the UAE and Iran, Dr Gargash added that the circumstance would set the framework for such moves.
24 january 2018

Asked about the possibility of discontinuing Qatar's membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Sheikh Khalid said: "This is for the GCC to discuss. Today's meeting is about coordinating stances following the negative Qatari reply. We do not want to take hasty decisions, because such decisions are important and will impact the current situation."
07 june 2017
It's worth reminding that at the outbreake of the diplomatic crisis over Qatar the UAE clearely expressed its support for the statements of Kingdom of Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Qatar.
06 november 2017
The United Arab Emirates continues to feature prominently high in 16 global competitiveness indices over the past two years, topping regional countries in 13 and coming second in three.
04 february 2017
The Special Envoy reminded all parties that these terms and conditions include an obligation to allow free and unhindered access for humanitarian supplies and personnel to all parts of Yemen, in addition to a full and comprehensive halt to military activities of any kind.
15 may 2021
The World Expo 2020 Dubai will deliver lasting benefits for participants and visitors as well as for the UAE's prosperity and reputation, for business, for knowledge creation and for the wider region.
15 may 2021
This year's theme "Media for Good", serves the UAE's stature as a leader in humanitarian work and of bright examples over the years, which have contributed towards alleviating the suffering of many vulnerable peoples of the world, the minister noted.
05 november 2016
The brother of Sheikh al-Nimr said he hopes any reaction to the killing will be peaceful.
01 february 2016
The Soviet Union reacted negatively to the Iranian Revolution, but hoped to turn its anti-American character to Soviet advantage.
01 january 2016