Russia and the Middle East
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After Arafat

The Emirates Red Crescent yesterday delivered a relief convey through the Rafah crossing to the Gaza Strip consisting of 20 trucks of various relief assistance for Gazans affected by recent events in the Strip.
02 september 2014
The fifth Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) delegation to Gaza distributed 4,700 aid baskets to Palestinians who fled their homes and took refuge at UNRWA schools and to those affected in Khuza'a area which suffered severe damage from the recent events in Gaza.
19 august 2014

Gazas Shifa Hospital was filled with panic early on Sunday morning as bleeding and wounded men, women and children were carried in on stretchers following a deadly Israeli airstrike on the home of Gazas police chief, the deadliest bombing since Israel launched its campaign on Tuesday.
15 may 2021
The UAE Red Crescent Authority is sending its sixth convoy of medical and relief assistance to the Gaza Strip as part of the leadership's incessant efforts to ease the suffering of the Palestinian people ahead the Eid Al Adha.
11 september 2010
On the occasion of Ramadan, the Khalifa Bin Zayed Charity Foundation has funded two projects in Gaza and the West Bank to assist poor Palestinian refugees through the distribution of hot meals and meat. The projects will be implemented through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).
15 may 2021
A UAE humanitarian convoy consisting of 57 trucks laden with essential food items and medical supplies left here yesterday heading for Gaza.
08 february 2010
In the cauldron of heated tension that is the Middle East, a group of Jewish settlers demonstrated on the West Bank. The focus of their protest was President Barack Obama following his condemnation of Israeli plans to build more settlement homes here.
15 may 2021
Now a number of Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Fatah, are in Cairo to lay the foundations for a national unity government and the end of the 18-month schism between Gaza and the West Bank.
15 may 2021
Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Gaza to hail Turkeys prime minister a hero, following his walk out at the Davos economic summit.
15 may 2021
Voicing his shock and anger at the destruction around him, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon pledged to help Gaza rebuild after Israels three-week bombardment. He condemned what he called Israels excessive use of force, but also denounced Hamas rocket attacks over the border.
15 may 2021