Russia and the Middle East
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Proceeding from the keenness of Abu Dhabi Fund in assisting developing countries through development their economy and financing development projects in these countries, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development signed a loan agreement with Republic of Tajikistan that worth Dh55 million ( (around 15 million dollars) to fund Kulyab - Kalaikhumb road project.
16 june 2010
Georgia's president stepped down on Saturday as he braced himself for early elections expected to take place January 5 following mass street protests earlier this month.
25 november 2007

US officials are interested in obtaining observer status for Washington in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which is emerging as the preeminent multilateral organization in the region, and which includes both Russia and China . American officials may be working on one of the current SCO members, such as Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan , to propose the United States be granted observer status. Kyrgyz and Kazakhstani leaders have indicated that they are amenable to US participation in the SCO as observers. US leaders remain concerned, however, that Moscow and Beijing might try to veto any such proposal, believes Ariel COHEN, Senior Research Fellow in Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Energy Security at the Heritage Foundation
15 may 2021
On September, 7, there was held a round table session in the Upper Chamber of the Russian parliament with the main theme as Russia and Iraq: cooperation prospects. It brought together a number of Russian politicians, businessmen and experts as well to discuss with the new Iraqs representatives the possibilities to reactivate interaction and even to enlarge the former cooperation frameworks between two our countries. This event is to be considered as innovation in deed. Until now there have been only contacts established in the highest level between Moscow and post-Saddam Baghdad which gave a green light to renew the cooperation in the political as well as economic fields between two countries. But it seems unlikely that many actors accepted the good signal to implement their projects. The task to overcome the obstacles assumed leaders of the recently (in March, 2005) created public organization called Russian Islamic Heritage (RIH). Two brothers Umar and Hussain Jabrailov as well as Shamil Beno, supported by a number of militants of realistic and pragmatic minded part of the Russias Muslim community, devoted themselves to set about bringing together influential people from two our countries.
09 august 2005