Russia and the Middle East
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Under the theme "Empowerment of Women: Leaders without Borders" as part of the UAE's 43rd National Day celebrations Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) and President of Zayed University (ZU), has affirmed that thanks to the substantial support and care lent by the wise leadership to make woman an effective partner in the community women in the UAE have gone beyond mere empowerment to true participation.

21 june 2021
Human Appeal International-UAE has sent urgent aid to Palestinian families affected by the snow storm and floods in Palestine. Ebrahim Rashid, director of the authority in the West Bank
21 june 2021

If you are a failed asylum seeker in the Netherlands you may be nervously awaiting the knock at the door that means time is up and you are on your way home.
21 june 2021