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UAE to introduce 'good conduct certificate' requirement for work visa​​​​​​​s

People coming to the UAE to work will need to obtain a "good conduct and behaviour certificate" from their home country. The requirement will be mandatory from February 4. According to WAM, the UAE state news agency, the "Co-ordination Committee to execute Cabinet Resolution No (1/8#) for 2017" said the certificate should be issued from the applicants home country or the country of their residency for the past five years.

It must also be certified by the UAEs missions abroad or attested at customer happiness centres of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation. The committee said the requirement was only mandatory for people working in the UAE and not their dependents or family members. The certificate is not required for tourists.

The committee said the new procedure was part of the UAE Governments efforts to create a more secure community. It said this condition was "part of the process of updating and developing government policies, to achieve the highest level of security for those residing in the country, in a secure, peaceful and happy community".

Strict new security checks that will require every expat to produce a document proving they do not have a criminal offence will help to safeguard the country's national security, a Federal National Council member said. All residents seeking a new work visa from February 4 will need to secure a Good Conduct and Behaviour Certificate. The move was outlined in a Cabinet resolution reported by state news agency Wam.

The committee managing the process said the checks are part of the UAE Governments efforts to create a more secure community.
In most cases the document would be obtained from a police force or government authority in the expat's home country, or from the country they have lived within the past five years.

For example, individual police forces in the United States supply documents stating the applicant has never been convicted of a crime nor has a warrant out for their arrest. In the United Kingdom, the National Police Chiefs' Council provides citizens with similar proof that they can give to an employer or immigration department.

That document would then be attested by the UAE embassy in that country, or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE, Wam reported. Marriage certificates and education qualifications are currently certified in the same way.

At present, some public sector authorities and private companies in the UAE ask for such a document, but it has not needed to secure a visa. Countries including Australia, Belgium and Canada already ask for these. Sponsored family members and tourists do not have to present the certificate.

Long-term residents of the UAE seeking a new visa can apply to Dubai Police or Abu Dhabi Police for a certificate.