Russia and the Middle East
Sat, 15 may 2021Sat
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The Journeys activities will be available to attend by all at the Dubai Design District, and will conclude with a wide community participation on Tuesday evening.
11 march 2018
Dr Matthew Kroh, chairman of the Digestive Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi shared some of the innovative procedures that are already in use in Europe and US and might be available soon in the UAE.
06 february 2018

The certificates should be issued by an applicant's home country, or the country of their residency for the past five years
01 september 2018
King Salman also directed the State to bear the burden of VAT in some situations, including special health and education services as well as the first purchase of a house that is valued at up to SAR850,000.
01 july 2018
The opening week's programme has been curated by Louvre Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Agence France Museums and Arwad Esber, Artistic and Programming Advisor.
15 may 2021
With nine ministerial positions out of 31 now held by women, the UAE is more gender-equal than Donald Trumps cabinet, which has four.

15 may 2021
It was the fifth consecutive year for Dubai Exports at the event, which provided food manufacturers, distributors and suppliers worldwide a strategic opportunity to explore the Russian market, where a population in excess of 140 million and growing demand for premium products offer excellent prospects for consumer goods.
15 may 2021
Electric cars should make up 10 per cent of all government vehicles. This is part of a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15 per cent by 2021.
15 may 2021
The National Agenda aims to promote preventive measures, reduce instances of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac diseases and cancer, cut down smoking and obesity in children, and work towards increasing longevity.
01 april 2017
Sheikh Mohammed said the cultural progress witnessed in the UAE has contributed in positioning the country as a beacon for innovation and intellectual excellence.
09 march 2016