Russia and the Middle East
Sat, 15 may 2021Sat
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A week after the Israeli Prime Minister signed a peace treaty with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and a declaration of peace with the Kingdom of Bahrain on the White House lawn in Washington on September 15, it became clear that not only these monarchies, but the Arab world as a whole were ripe for adoption responsible strategic decisions that will shape the New Middle East. Donald Trump also signed the fateful documents. The signing procedure has become almost a copy of the one - a truly breakthrough one that took place at the same place 41 years ago
23 september 2020

Abstract. The author provides analysis of the causes of the abrupt escalation of standoff in the Persian Gulf between Iran and the USA as well as Iran and the UK. Having seized the British-flagged vessel Stena Impero on 19th July 2019, Iran crossed the red lines in its relationship with the Western countries.
12 may 2020

The US administrations pulling out of the agreement signed by P5+1 with Iran in 2015 has not crushed down the nuclear deal (JCPOA) while having undermined it substantially. The possibilities of the EU to salvage the deal are being put in question with the time to come. Europe itself is getting field for political and economic battles between the USA and its Middle East allies, on one hand, and Iran, on the other hand. The European politicians are trying to draw a compromise formula to settle the conflict.

01 june 2020
Mr. Hariri announced his resignation a day after meeting in Beirut with Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Mr. Hariris office said the prime minister had urged Iran to halt its support of the Houthis as a first step towards ending the war in Yemen. Mr. Hariri denied Mr. Velayatis assertion that the prime minister had offered to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
15 may 2021
Participated in a number of international conferences and seminars in the USA, UAE, Great Britain, Germany, Japan (Sasakawa Peace Foundation)  included those under the auspices of the Gulf Research Center in Dubai (Berlin, March 2010), as well as in GRC-2011/2013/2015/2016 (Cambridge), International conference USA and the Middle East: new engagement (ISPI, Milan, March 2013), brainstormings at the Department of Political Affairs of the UN (New York), The Third Annual Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate (2016), Doha Forum (2017), conferences at the Washington Institute for the Near East
15 may 2021
Yet, pulling the protagonists back from the brink without loss of face is a non-starter as long as both sides of the divide target absolute victory at whatever cost.
07 july 2017
The hottest events in the Middle East as well as within the USA - Russia - Middle East triangle are often being commented by Dr. Alexander Shumilin on request of the Bloomberg media corporation
15 may 2021
Dr. Alexander SHUMILIN to Bloomberg:

"Iran and Assad are openly opposed to Russias more flexible stance, which it sees as necessary to involve the U.S. and its allies in a post-war reconstruction and secure an exit strategy for its military campaign in Syria. This is a source of major tension, how to bring in the opposition forces without alienating Assad and Iran,
03 january 2017
The convergence between Putin and Erdogan resembles more of an attempt by two leaders, who have found themselves in a tight spot, to use each other in order to solve their own, quite large and even fundamental, problems.
08 august 2016
Moscows pragmatic approach to the Middle East is now being tested by the Syrian crisis
05 may 2016