Russia and the Middle East
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Malik is said to have pledged allegiance to ISILs leader. Farook reportedly had contact with militant groups, including al Qaedas Syria-wing, the Nusra Front. And at the young parents apparently normal home, many weapons were found.
06 december 2015
The centre urged citizens to avoid crowded areas such as concerts and transport hubs in Belgium's capital, which is also home to the European Union and NATO headquarters

21 november 2015

The news was greeted by applause in Frances national assembly.
15 may 2021
He also expressed the UAE's sympathy and solidarity with the French Government and the friendly people of France in these hard times, extending his heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the victims' families.
15 may 2021
The apparently coordinated gun and bomb assault came as the country, a founder member of the U.S.-led coalition waging air strikes against Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq, was on high alert for terrorist attacks ahead of a global climate conference due to open later this month.
15 may 2021
"Emirates is currently avoiding flying over the Sinai peninsula until more information is available," said a spokesperson of the Gulf carrier.
11 january 2015
The United Arab Emirates today condemned the two terrorist explosions that targeted a train station in the Turkish capital of Ankara, which resulted in tens of deaths and injuries to many.
10 november 2015
Turkish media is widely reporting theories surrounding a potential link to the Suruc bombing. Some suggest the male Ankara bomber could be the missing brother of the man who carried out the attack in Suruc.
10 november 2015
A car bomb in a Cairo suburb has wounded at least six police officers and badly damaged a state security building. There are no confirmed dead. The Egyptian interior ministry says a man fled on a motorbike after leaping out of a car which then exploded.
15 may 2021
Saudi Arabia has arrested more than 400 people suspected of belonging to the so-called Islamic State group.  The Interior Ministry said that the counter-terror operation also prevented attacks on mosques, security forces and a diplomatic mission.
15 may 2021