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At least 84 dead after truck ploughs into crowds in Nice

At least 84 people have died and scores have been injured after a truck crashed into a crowd of people in the south of France. A further 18 people are seriously injured and many others hurt. The dead include a number of children.

Witnesses described how the driver of the articulated lorry sped along a promenade packed with spectators leaving a fireworks display marking Frances national holiday. Francois Hollande, the countrys president, said the killings were a terrorist act and extended the state of emergency for a further three months.

Regional President Christian Estrosi has revealed furthur details on the events leading up to the shooting of the lorry driver. Before being shot dead by police "he had fired several times," Estrosi told reporters. Early reports said that the vehicle contained an arsenal of weapons but officials confirmed that at least one grenade was found inside the lorry along with "several fake rifles", according to the AFP news agency.