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UAE renews commitment to fight extremism and terrorism

The United Arab Emirates has renewed commitment to fight extremism and terrorism in all its forms, calling on the international community to step up efforts aimed at achieving secure and extremism-free communities. This came during a statement made by Mohammed Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of International and Security Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, at the session hosted on Friday by the UN General Assembly on counter-terrorism strategy.

Al Shamsi also renewed UAE's firm position that terrorism is a global phenomenon that is not limited to certain nations or religions. He added that the adoption of the UN counter-terrorism strategy had provided the international community a chance to evaluate its achievements in this field.

He said the UAE had, since 2004, adopted new legislations on combating terrorism, including and cutting its financial sources. He further said the UAE is adopting a number of strategic initiatives to employ social networks in combating terrorism and extremism, central to which is the initiative for a Sawab Centre, which was established in 2015, to harness all means to correct erroneous ideologies and to provide wider space to moderate voices, in line with the international efforts to fight Daesh terrorist group.

He also referred to Hedaya Centre was created to provide training and to provide capacity building support to counter terrorism and violent extremism. He praised the UN and its role in developing counter-terrorism strategy.