Russia and the Middle East
Sat, 15 may 2021Sat
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He stressed the need for an international strategy based on integrated, concerted mechanisms to counter terrorism and promote the culture of peace among peoples.
27 february 2018
Other Sawab campaigns have focused on terrorisms devastation of families, communities, and ancient civilizations, as well as positive themes such as the important contributions of women in preventing and resisting extremism and in advancing their societies.
08 october 2017

The four Arab states last month suspended ties with Qatar over allegations the Gulf state bankrolled extremism, an accusation Doha denies.
15 may 2021
The White House Spokesman also strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Kandahar that killed at least seven people and wounded 18 others, including the UAE Ambassador to Afghanistan and several Emirati diplomatic personnel.
01 november 2017
In the statement, the ministry offered sincere condolences to the Government and people of Germany and the families of the victims and wished a speedy recovery for the wounded.

15 may 2021
Francois Hollande, the countrys president, said the killings were a terrorist act and extended the state of emergency for a further three months.
15 may 2021
Hedaya Centre was created to provide training and to provide capacity building support to counter terrorism and violent extremism.
07 march 2016
The army says the city will now be used as a launchpad to expand military operations against the militants.
15 may 2021
The ministry reiterated the UAE's firm position of rejecting terrorism in all its forms and manifestation, regardless of its motives, justifications and perpetrators
15 may 2021
Egypt is in the middle of a wave of Islamist militancy. Last October a Russian passenger jet was downed flying from the Red Sea resort of Sharm al-Sheikh to St Petersburg.
01 september 2016