Russia and the Middle East
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Country provides ideal environment for multiculturalism to thrive and for every individual to find their happiness level
30 may 2016
The outcome and concrete results of the Russian military involvement into the Syrian civil war are being discussed by the the Russian expert Alexander SHUMILIN and the Syrian opposition leader in Moscow Mahmud al-Hamzah
31 march 2016

Dr. Alexander SHUMILIN, director of the Center for the Greater Middle East conflicts in Moscow, explanes the unleashing clash by the following reasons
01 august 2016
Russian expert is doubtful about it
01 january 1970
Alexander Shumilin, head of the Center for Analysis of Middle East Conflicts at the Institute for U.S. and Canada Studies in Moscow, said he is convinced Russia's actions are aimed at ensuring the physical survival of President Assad and his inner circle.
11 september 2015
The missile attack that killed 45 Emirati soldiers in Marib province will further strengthen the UAE’s national resolve, securing the safety of Yemenis against extremists and assuring stability at all costs. Military action will protect the Emirates from future destabilisation on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.
09 june 2015
Russia this week is for the first time hosting talks with the main Syrian opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition, as part of a push for dialogue with Damascus.
01 january 1970
Arab News has published an article praising UAE's new anti-hate law, saying that the country has set an example in dealing with the racism.  It further says that the law serves to establish a proper relation between members of society and install civil peace.
08 february 2015
When sanctions are lifted, Iran will become a zone of intense competition between practically all the great powers, including Russia, which has military and economic interests in Iran.
01 january 1970
It is impossible to say with certainty how many people holding Russian passports now fight for the Islamic State.
01 january 1970