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Performers in the airport shows will include Joanna Ampil, who plays the iconic role of Grizabella.
22 january 2017
The National Agenda aims to promote preventive measures, reduce instances of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac diseases and cancer, cut down smoking and obesity in children, and work towards increasing longevity.
04 january 2017

Sheikh Mohammed said the cultural progress witnessed in the UAE has contributed in positioning the country as a beacon for innovation and intellectual excellence.
09 march 2016
Al Suwaidi, also noted that the thirtieth special session of the General Assembly meeting on the world drug problem confirms joint international commitment to addressing the issue effectively.
01 january 1970
In December 2, 1971, the first man-made spaceship in the history landed on Mars which marked the beginning of a new scientific era in the history of mankind. On the same day, our forefathers at the Union House announced the establishment of the UAE to kick off a different march which aimed to build the Emirati nation.
01 october 2016
The authorities were reportedly pursuing terrorist elements in the western desert, when the shootings happened at around midnight on Sunday (September 13).
01 january 1970
Mecca is preparing to host hundreds of thousands of people for the annual Haj pilgrimage. Images circulating on social media show pilgrims at the site wearing robes covered in blood, surrounded by masses of debris.
09 november 2015
''Young generations constitute the kernel of the development process and progress of communities. They are tools to build the future, and have the buoyant spirit to work and produce if they were provided opportunities and resources,'' Sheikha Lubna, also head of the UAE Committee for Coordination of Humanitarian Foreign Aid, added.
08 december 2015
Vice President and Prime Minister, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in his capacity as the Ruler of Dubai, has issued the law number 19 for year 2015, setting up the museum of future, with the aim to boost the state's innovation environment to keep pace with requirements of new generation to build smart future cities.
08 september 2015