Russia and the Middle East
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Born in Moscow

Education and qualifications: PhD (1980), Doctor of high degree in Political Science (2009)
Graduated in 1976 from the Moscow State Institute (University) of International Relations (MGIMO)

Current positions: Director of the Center for the Greater Middle East conflicts at the Institute for the USA&Canada studies (ISKRAN), Russian Academy of Sciences; professor at Moscow State University (MGU). Editor-in-chief of the MidEast.RU web-resource.

Work experience: Worked in USSR embassy in Tunis (1982-1985), then as journalist in Algeria, Egypt and the UAE (1988-1997). International analyst in leading Russian newspapers in Moscow (1997-2002). Head of the Center for the Greater Middle East conflicts at the Institute of USA&Canada studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow

Professional interests: Soviet/Russian policy in the Greater Middle East; analysis of the Middle East conflicts; counterterrorism studies; political dimensions of energy strategies, oil&gaz policies; complex of issues related to the relationship within the triangle USA&Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Participation in projects, conferences, expert meetings organized by different research centres, universities, the European Union, the OSCE and the Council of Europe. Participated in a number of international conferences and seminars in the USA, UAE, Great Britain, Germany, Japan (Sasakawa Peace Foundation) included those under the auspices of the Gulf Research Center in Dubai (Berlin, March 2010), as well as in GRC-2011/2013/ 2015/ 2016 (Cambridge,UK), International conference “USA and the Middle East: new engagement” (ISPI, Milan, March 2013), brainstormings at the Department of Political Affairs of the UN (New York), The Third Annual Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate (2016), Doha Forum (2017), conferences at the Washington Institute for the Near East, EU-South Korea dialogue on the Middle East (Seoul, 2016/2017) and others.

Publications: over 200 scientific publications (books, articles and contributions to volumes published in various countries). Among selected titles: “USA in the Middle East: “Bush doctrine” in action” (Moscow, 2004), “Terror without borders” (Moscow, 2004), “Counterrorism as the basic factor to determine US foreign policy” (Moscow, 2005), “The Russia’s attitude to Iraq’s problem: 2000-2006” (Moscow, 2006), “Prospects of Musulman’ integration in Europe” (Moscow, 2006), “Russia and USA: comparative strategies of energy" (Moscow, 2008); “Russia and USA in the Middle East: partners or rivals?” (Moscow, 2011); "The US policy in the Middle East in context of the Arab Spring" (Moscow, 2015), Features of the Pro-Israeli lobby in the US (2016), 
Russia's Diplomacy in the Middle East: Back to Geopolitics (IFRI, Russie.Nei.Visions, No. 93, May 2016), Russia as a Gravity Pole of the GCC’s New Foreign Policy Pragmatism (The International Spectator, 2017, 52:2, p.115-129).