Russia and the Middle East
Wed, 15 august 2018Wed
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The outcome and concrete results of the Russian military involvement into the Syrian civil war are being discussed by the Russian expert Alexander SHUMILIN and the Syrian opposition leader in Moscow Mahmud al-Hamzah

The main point is how the Palmyra case is to be treated - either as a the Syrian state's recent victory against ISIL entailing a major shift not only in the war against ISIL, but also in the trajectory of the nation's five-year civil war, or a showcase staged by the Assad army with the Russian support ?  

Was it a real battle over Palmyra or a kind of "match-fixing" between Assad and ISIL,  as many amid the Syrian opposition tend to label it ?  Is the "Palmyra case" designed to undermine the image of the Syrian rebels, hyping its reduced fighting capacity, as well as to feature the Russian forces as the pivotal in the struggle against ISIS in Syria ? 

You can watch the topic here.