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Republicans get the Ryan show on the road

Mitt Romneys running mate on the Republican ticket in the US presidential election race has attacked what he called Barack Obamas "record of failure" in power. Paul Ryan wants smaller government and lower deficits; lower tax rates and cuts to welfare. There are mixed views in his Wisconsin home town of Janesville. "Spending and spending and not having the money and printing more money to solve the worlds problems is not the way to go. I think Paul is one of the few in politics whos willing to address that head on" - said resident Mark Spahos.

Another resident, Maryam Polley, disagreed: "I dont think being in business necessarily makes you a good choice to be president and know how the country should be run. Im very much for everyone working together as one people, Im not sure that Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney can do that".

Republicans hope that the youthful Congressman, who was introduced to supporters in Virginia, will give Mitt Romneys struggling campaign a boost. They also believe his conservative economic views will help draw a stark contrast with Obamas Democrats.