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UAE ammunition firm eyes GCC market

Burkan Munitions Systems (BMS) L.L.C. the first national company specialising in manufacturing medium and heavy ammunition in Abu Dhabi, is on the move to supply the UAEs armed forces with multiple use ammunitions, maintenance and recycling obsolete munitions, and supply orders according to the agreed contracts.

The BMS factory will not just produce ammunitions for the UAEs armed forces but will also employ and train UAE nationals on research and development and other areas related to the production, maintenance and recycling of the same. The factory is reaching a stage to witness the opening of new production lines that meets the growing market demand, and looks forward to expand exports to the GCC countries, Saeed bin Khadim Al Mansouri, General Manager and CEO of Burkan,  Said .

Our success is achieved by the support and guidance of General Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to create a national industrial base serving the needs of our armed forces, he added.

Al Mansouri said that they will be opening a special building capable of dismantling and recycling used munitions within BMS by July 2011, pointing out that the building is composed of environment-friendly materials, and dismantling munitions in a modern way to preserve the natural environment.

The plant also includes a dedicated area for the environmentally safe disposal of explosives and ammunition, using the latest technology of explosives thermal disposal, which makes BMS the best compared to other companies in this area.
In response to a question about product quality and their conformity with international standards, Al Mansouri said, Burkan production meets best standards applied globally and specifically meets the NATO union products, which are similar the western products, the United States of America and ?Turkey.

He added that the factory has passed all testing phases and now in the process of production, under the sophisticated multi-use licenses from European companies in Germany, Italy, Austria and Turkey in addition to South Africa.
He noted that BMS is seeking the International Quality Certificate (ISO) in 2011, after the completion of certain procedures within the company. And plans for future growth by acquiring and applying the latest international practices in this area, while working with our technical German partner Rheinmetall AG Munitions to import the best equipments used in manufacturing our munitions.

By Jamal Al Majaida