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UAE announces defence deals worth Dh 1.47 bn on fourth day of IDEX


The UAE announced yesterday it has signed defence contracts with a total value of Dh 1.47 billion on the fourth day of the 9th International Defence Conference and Exhibition (IDEX 2009), IDEX Spokesperson Major General Obaid Al Ketbi said today.
''A Dh 1.071 billion contract has been signed with the Canadian Provincial Aerospace Ltd to upgrade two aircrafts type DHC - 8 Q300 in order to turn them to marine patrol aircrafts,'' Al Ketbi told the daily briefing at IDEX.

A contract has been inked with the Canadian Company General Dynamic to modify, upgrade and arm the RG31 machines for a value of Dh 111.9 million. Another contract has been signed with the Swiss Vectronix AG to import the Artillery Observation System machines with a total cost of Dh 32.6 million. The German Company Rheimentall has won a Dh 191.6 million to buy 18 Guns type 27 MM Rheimentall.

A contract worth Dh 17.6 million was struck with the American Company Fats Caswell to purchase training simulators for training on light weaponry. ''A contract will also be signed with Emirates Marine Technology to provide technical support for various military equipment at the value of Dh 46.4 million,'' Al Ketbi said.

The strategy of the UAE Armed Forces mandates the development of the Air Force and air defence in several aspects, including the development of a comprehensive fighter pilot training programme that is compatible with the latest 4th generation of aircrafts,'' he added.

According to him, over the past three years, the Armed Forces have carried out extensive studies and evaluations on several aircrafts, the result was in favour of the Italian Alenia Aeromacchi M-346 to complement (fully/ comprehensive) fighter jet training programme.

The competitors for this contract were: aircraft type T-50 from the Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI), and aircraft type M-346 from Italian Alenia Aeromacchi, aircraft type HAWK 128 from British BAE Systems. The Italian company has been chosen for this advanced training system.

''Based on that Alenia will supply the UAE Air Force and Air Defence with 48 aircrafts to cover the requirements of the lead in fighter training along with combat support role,'' the IDEX Spokesperson explained.

''Final contractual agreements will commence to define the requirements and technical support which are expected to be concluded in the near future,'' he said. – Emirates News Agency, WAM