Russia and the Middle East
Sun, 17 february 2019Sun
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Whether US should stop dealing with Russia unless it makes a progress on democracy?

I doubt Condy Rice or any other responsible politician would ever state that we cannot work with the Kremlin unless Russia passes an American test on democracy. U.S. cooperation with Russia is not a reward for a good behavior or a charity enterprise. We deal with Russia because it is in our national interest. There are countries which we consider to be our allies, for example Egypt or Pakistan , whose record on democracy is pretty dismal but who somehow manage to avoid constant lecturing from Washington or U.S. media bashing. Comparing to these countries Russia can be called a beacon of democracy but for some reasons it gets a big chunk of arrogance one can find inside the beltway. I feel really sad when I see how highly respectable political leaders like Condy Rice are yielding to the pressure of anti-Russian lobby. This lobby wants Congress and the White House to return to confrontation with Russia and it is motivated by narrow, selfish objectives to the detriment of wider U.S. national interests. If they succeed we will not only lose a reliable partner in the war on terror and potential energy supplier but will push Russia East into the arms of China with its booming economy and 1,3 billion population. Combined with Russian military and natural resources this union can completely change the world's geostrategical balance. We can only pray that this does not happen soon.
Taking into account that with today's high oil prices Moscow does not really need Washington too much I am not sure how long the Kremlin will tolerate its arrogance. In case someone puts this experts round on Putin's desk I want him to follow my unsolicited advice and do not get too emotional when he hears another lecture. I want him to listen politely, keep cool, smile and then get down to real business.