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Sat, 04 april 2020Sat
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The war against the bloody, inhumane and unethical terrorism should be one that accepts no half solutions, compromise and complacency, stated Dr. Mohammed Matar Al Kaabi, Chairman of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, Awqaf, while addressing the 28th international conference of the High Council for Islamic Affairs in Egypt, titled "Terrorism making: its risks and the inevitability of confrontation and its mechanism".

Dr. Al Kaabi called on the international community to mobilise joint efforts - more than any time before - to confront terrorism intellectually, cultural and ideologically. He stressed the need for an international strategy based on integrated, concerted mechanisms to counter terrorism and promote the culture of peace among peoples.

Al Kaabi noted to the UAE's efforts and contributions to the 65-nation US-led Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh and the 34-nation Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition. He also called for forging strategic partnerships between the media, non-governmental organisations and religious institutions to regulate the religious rhetoric in the media and spread the Islamic moderate school.

WAM/Tariq alfaham/Hassan Bashir
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