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Sat, 04 april 2020Sat
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The Sawab Center, a joint UAE-US initiative to combat Daesh's online propaganda and promote positive alternatives to extremism, announced the launch of a new campaign coinciding with World Teachers Day on October 5 for its social media platforms. Under the hashtag of #FirstPioneers, the three-day positive campaign will run from October 5 - October 7 in Arabic and English on Sawabs Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms.

The campaign will focus on the importance of education to the advancement of all societies and feature inspirational stories and sayings from influential educators and scholars of Muslim and Arab backgrounds.

#FirstPioneers will address the great contributions of prominent Arab and Muslim scholars, inventors, and leaders from ancient (Ibn Sina, Ibn Khaldun) and modern (Naguib Mahfouz, Malala Yousafzai) times to motivate youth to prioritize learning and to positively impact their communities. The campaign will also highlight the humanitarian stories of refugees making significant contributions in various fields, in spite of the often difficult circumstances.

#FirstPioneers is the Sawab Centers twentieth proactive social media campaign either to directly counter terrorist messages or present positive alternatives to their violent and divisive ideologies.

Other Sawab campaigns have focused on terrorisms devastation of families, communities, and ancient civilizations, as well as positive themes such as the important contributions of women in preventing and resisting extremism and in advancing their societies.

WAM/Hassan Bashir
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