Russia and the Middle East
Thu, 02 july 2020Thu
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Gulf Storms

The US administrations pulling out of the agreement signed by P5+1 with Iran in 2015 has not crushed down the nuclear deal (JCPOA) while having undermined it substantially. The possibilities of the EU to salvage the deal are being put in question with the time to come. Europe itself is getting field for political and economic battles between the USA and its Middle East allies, on one hand, and Iran, on the other hand. The European politicians are trying to draw a compromise formula to settle the conflict.

06 january 2020
Senior Russian officials have publicly condemned the U.S. killing of Iran's most powerful military commander, joining foreign leaders in warning that it will lead to an escalation of tensions in the already unstable Middle East region. However, the Kremlin may be able to capitalize on the controversial attack against its ally Tehran if it drives a deeper wedge in Washington's strategic relationship with European allies, analysts said.
04 january 2020

The US president condemned the criminal attempt, which targeted a populated area in the Saudi capital, Riyadh,
02 july 2020
Following Emir of Qatar's phone call to the Saudi Crown Prince, optimism was subdued by reports dialogue will be 'suspended' until Qatar publicly clarifies its position
09 october 2017
Houthi militia decided to arrest Ali Abdullah Saleh and transfer him to Saada.
09 may 2017
Lavrov's visit to Kuwait City marks the first high-level diplomatic visit by Russia over the crisis.
02 july 2020
The Academy of Change is headed by Hisham Morsy, the son-in-law of Yusuf al-Qaradawi who is on the black list issued by the four countries which boycotted Qatar.
02 july 2020
Qatar has turned to the United Nations to be included in the counter-terrorism scheme, after the four boycotting countries accused Doha of supporting terrorism. (Shutterstock)
02 july 2020
Dr Gargashs remarks came just hours before US secretary of state Rex Tillerson was scheduled to meet Qatari foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani for talks at the state department.

02 july 2020
Dialogue is necessary and needed but its backbone has to be revision, Gargash said
02 july 2020