Russia and the Middle East
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Gulf Storms

Kuwait has managed to successfully balance its strong relationship with Saudi Arabia while making steps towards improving relations with Riyadhs arch-rival Iran, despite a series of Iran-linked terror attacks in the 1980s.
21 july 2017
In light of the alarming examples quoted in the letter, these objections are legitimate, well founded and reasonable.
13 july 2017

Asked about the possibility of discontinuing Qatar's membership in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Sheikh Khalid said: "This is for the GCC to discuss. Today's meeting is about coordinating stances following the negative Qatari reply. We do not want to take hasty decisions, because such decisions are important and will impact the current situation."
07 june 2017
Al-Jazeera is a platform for promoting the agendas of extremist groups in the region.
01 january 1970
Qatar has adopted several policies that undermined regional and global security through direct or indirect finance of terrorism or by supporting media outlets that enable terrorist groups to promote their subversive, violent and extremist ideologies.
01 january 1970
It's worth reminding that at the outbreake of the diplomatic crisis over Qatar the UAE clearely expressed its support for the statements of Kingdom of Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Qatar.
06 november 2017
These are the foundations (of the relations) collectively adopted by the GCC countries and until Tehran agrees to them, it remains as a country with intervention and expansion plans that undermine our Arab security and stability
03 december 2017
Mr Grandi also praised the UAE for its help to Syrian refugees in Jordan, saying that its contributions in setting up the camps, organising medical aid and schooling, is making a terrific difference to the people there, especially when it comes to food and water security.
01 january 1970
The Special Envoy reminded all parties that these terms and conditions include an obligation to allow free and unhindered access for humanitarian supplies and personnel to all parts of Yemen, in addition to a full and comprehensive halt to military activities of any kind.
01 january 1970
Dubai also launched the first Islamic financial market in the world, and today the growth of the Islamic economy is accelerating to become one of Dubai's economic priorities
10 december 2016