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Extremism poses threat to Arab world


H.H. Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan, National Security Adviser, has stressed that the Arab world is facing huge challenges, such as extremism and terrorism that affect national security. He added such challenges require sound strategic planning, strong media discourse, awareness and full participation of all sections of society to eradicate them.

Sheikh Tahnoun said in the programme book ahead of 'Emergency and Crisis Conference 2016,' organised by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority on 13th-14th March: "Crisis management haunts many countries due to lack of strategic planning, good governance or lack of extrapolation."

He added, "Some believe we are living in a difficult time when crisis can have multi-complex themes, which require us to brainstorm to confront them with scientific methods based on a sound approach."  Sheikh Tahnoun said national cohesiveness does not mean slogans nor resonant speeches or poems, but it is action felt on the ground, citing the UAE's backing of brothers in Yemen who are experiencing the critical situation.

He added that the UAE is taking part in the Arab coalition in Yemen, where it had offered a number of martyrs who demonstrated the finest examples of belonging and loyalty to the homeland, and became feathers in the nation's cap. "They have set a good example for our young people and future generations."

Sheikh Tahnoun welcomed all participants, including Arab and international experts and specialists, whose participation and contribution will enrich the sessions and help achieve the objectives of the conference. He wished success to the conference, which brings together experts in the field of emergency management.