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Sun, 16 december 2018Sun
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Gargash re-affirms UAE support for Global Coalition to Counter Daesh

Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, has today re-affirmed the UAEs firm support for the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh. He said the UAE will continue to support the Coalitions course.

The minister noted that while Iraqi forces are making progress in the bid to defeat Daesh, the government in Baghdad should increase its efforts and cooperation in order to counter it. Dr. Gargash said that the UAEs position has always been clear, and it is that countering Daesh requires political action in Baghdad that includes, and does not exclude, the Sunnis, in addition to the necessary support of ground forces against the organisation.

Minister Gargash added, "The UAE maintains an unwavering position on supporting the forces fighting Daesh. I am not talking about thousands of troops, but I am talking about troops that back the forces fighting on the ground, if the Global Coalition believes that the U.S. should take on the leadership in this effort."