Russia and the Middle East
Sun, 24 march 2019Sun
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Relations between Nato allies Ankara and Washington have worsened since Turkey launched an operation, with the United States urging restraint and fearing an impact on the fight against the Daesh extremist group.
28 january 2018
Speaking of the potential for future rapprochement between the UAE and Iran, Dr Gargash added that the circumstance would set the framework for such moves.
24 january 2018

Jibril expressed the need to forming a “micro-government,” in order to transfer the responsibility of providing services to municipalities in a decentralized system of governance, and thus it can be said that state-building is done by the parties and not by the central government.
10 january 2017
The United Arab Emirates Space Agency has finally unveiled the first of its missions to Mars: sending a probe to study the planet's atmosphere. This plan puts in motion a major goal of the space agency since its foundation back in 2014.
08 january 2017
Sheikh Abdullah also said the UAE was anxiously following the recent developments in Turkey.
24 march 2019
Mohammad Alloush, who is also the representative of the powerful Jaish al-Islam rebel faction in the Saudi-based High Negotiations Committee, told Al Jazeera that the peace talks failed to secure the release of thousands of prisoners languishing in regime custody.
24 march 2019
The military escalation by the regime threatens to torpedo the diplomatic negotiations taking place here in Geneva, because it’s very difficult for the opposition to continue with discussions while significant military operations are ongoing
24 march 2019
He added that the UAE is taking part in the Arab coalition in Yemen, where it had offered a number of martyrs who demonstrated the finest examples of belonging and loyalty to the homeland, and became feathers in the nation's cap.
24 march 2019
Russian and Syrian planes would halt any attacks on the armed opposition groups.
24 march 2019