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UAE leads competitiveness indexes

In a global testament that the country is all set to carry out the 2021 Vision after the great strides made over the past two years, the United Arab Emirates continues to feature prominently high in 16 global competitiveness indices over the past two years, topping regional countries in 13 and coming second in three.

A survey by the Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Authority has indicated that the indices that see the country second to none regionally include the Innovation, Happiness, Business Smoothness, Prosperity and Global Talent Competitiveness indices.

These achievements have been made thanks to the UAE government's reliance on a well-calculated, well-thought out strategy to ensure competitiveness and social and economic welfare and sustainability across all sectors and platforms, while accommodating the multifaceted business demands and challenges of the 21st Century.

According to the survey, the UAE came first on the following indices: Country Brand, Gender Equality, Global Development, Global Entrepreneurship, Global Information Technology, Global Enabling Trade and Tourism and Travel Competiveness.

Citing global institutions specialising in this area, the survey showed the country came second regionally on the global energy index, and the human development index.

The UAE positions itself on the world stage, thanks to the efforts of the federal and local taskforces who are working as one team under one vision for 2021, and others in this respect, These taskforces work in accordance with the plans and strategy and subject to continuous evaluation and development in line with the aspirations of the wise leadership to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world by 2021 with the advent of the golden jubilee on the establishment of the union.

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